"When the body of what appears to be a city gent, complete with pinstripe suit, umbrella, briefcase and bowler hat, is discovered buried in the sand of a holiday beach, the lugubrious Inspector Buckett and the keen but hapless Sergeant Spade are sent to investigate.

It transpires that the briefcase contains a gun and 25 thousand pounds and that the deceased has the initials FM tattooed on his buttocks.

The case taxes all of Buckett's investigative powers as each lead they follow seems to direct them down a blind alley.

On route to the riddle's final and bizarre solution, they encounter a gallery of larger than life characters; a boring suburban couple Mr and Mrs Brent, Mr Bennett a Saville Row tailor and Mrs Perkins his raucous cockney cutter, and the upper crust Sir Frank Morton QC and his wife Lady Morton.

And in the end the solution is all to do with monkeys and typewriters."




"The unhappy coincidence of our names might give rise to quite inappropriate humour.

Particularly in this location."

I am always looking for help with my projects, more so on this my first feature film.

If you can or want to help on this exciting indie production, then please get in touch.

As this is a "No Budget Film" I'm not able to pay, but will cover expenses were I can, but if you love making films and have something you can bring to this project (enthusiasm is the main ingredient) please get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully see on on set soon...

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Directed by - Richard Clarke

Written by - Alistair Faulkner


Detective Inspector Buckett - Anna Rose Fothergill

Sargeant Spade - Nikki Shepherd

Mr Brent - Chris Angell

Mrs Brent - Ruth Clarke

Mr Bennett - Nick Goodman

Mrs Perkins - Cath Angell

Lady Morton - Cath Angell

Sir Frank Morton - Alistair Faulkner

I want to help...

Thanks for getting in touch!